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Er, sorry this hasn't been updated. I'm head of a project at work, and I've been swaaaaamped. I'll go around and get everything back on track.


Submissions for: Abigail was Quite a Sight

When you've completed the chapter for your turn, please submit it here. You may need to post more than one comment due to length.

Comments on this post are moderated, so no one will sneak a peek before each Monday!

The author list is available here, if you forget when your turn is coming up.

Free For All 1

Here's how it works:

To continue the story, post a comment.

--- Do not post your part of the story to another person's comment! Start a new thread.

If you want to comment on someone's story part (ie "lol!"), reply to their thread.

--- Do not start a new thread unless you are adding to the story!

Please keep content and language PG-13. Other than that...no holds barred!


Alice loved lolita more than anything else ever. She discovered the look while browsing the manga section of Borders, and came across a Gothic & Lolita Bible. The book spoke to her heart. She was meant to be lolita.

Once she began to wear the clothes, she started posting pictures of herself online for the other lolitas to see. She was so proud of herself and excited to participate.

Then one day while searching the internet, she came across one of her pictures someone had posted in group called plzleavelolita. Everything they said about her was terrible! They made fun of every aspect of her outfit, saying it was all wrong. The person who posted the picture, named "pinkfingers", said Alice looked like she'd wrapped herself in double-sided tape, rolled around in the Salvation Army, and bought whatever stuck to her.

It was so unfair. Only her shoes were from the Salvation Army.

"Oh no!" Alice wailed at her computer screen.. "What am I going to do?!"

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: Ha ha, God, I'm hilarious.)

Sign Up for: Abigail Was Quite A Sight

This is the currently running round robin. If you'd like to sign up for a chapter, please comment here, and you'll be added to the queue.

Feel free to bribe me/pimp yourself with proof of your writing ability. Don't worry, everyone who signs up will be added, regardless of past experience.)

Please see the Writing Your Chapter section for more information on...writing your chapter.

(If you are not interested in writing a chapter, please do not comment on this post.)

The story is a modern fantasy about a young lolita who befriends a fairy (or maybe it's not a fairy...dun dun dun!). It'll be a fun, funny, and silly story. I'd like to poke a little fun at the lolita community with this one, its stereotypes, biases, its drama, and such.

I am currently limiting this story to 25 authors. If I get a ton of authors, I'll be opening up a second story. (If there's not a lot of people interested, you'll be able to sign up twice.)

1. ukoku
2. rozenxmaiden
3. heartagramxoxo
4. gaslighthorror
5. swanwhite
6. gienahclarette
7. royal_sugar
8. mushi_the_mochi
9. layer_cake_lie
10. emmypenny
11. kuro_rori_ta

The story will begin on Monday, March 23!

Poll: Themes

I'm trying to gather more information about what people want to see in a story.

Keep in mind if the community becomes very popular, we'll probably do a story of every kind eventually!

Please answer the following questions.Collapse )


Writing Your Chapter

In the future I'll be adding some tips on how to write and post your chapter, once we've done a few and worked out the bugs.

Posting to the community directly is locked, so when your chapter is ready, please post it in the appropriate Submissions post. Comments there will be screened, I'll take a quick glance for spelling and grammar, and then it will be posted up!

Stories will be due each Sunday night. They will be posted on Monday morning (I'm up early).

If you cannot write your chapter in time, you will be bumped, and the next person in line will take your place. You'll be given the chance to write again in the next round. (Warning: If you are a frequent bumper without good reason, you'll be removed from the queue.)

If you'd like to write a second chapter in a story, you can! However, there must be at least three chapters in between your two. Just sign up a second time for the story, and you'll get added to the queue.

Comments and Concerns

Please post any comments and questions about the project that aren't about a specific chapter in this post. If you have any ideas for this community and our future projects, please post them here as well.



Welcome to the Lolita Round Robin Project!

A round robin is where a group of authors pass around a story, each adding a chapter to complete the whole. Lolita is a fashion for girls who wish to look like Victorian dolls or fairytale princesses. When these powers combine, you have roriroundrobin!

Here's how it works: an author signs up to write a chapter and is assigned a number in the queue. Every week each author will add their bit to the story, molding it to their whims. Some stories will have different themes and guidelines, but for each story the end will be a surprise to everyone!

This community is brand new, so please give me time to work out all the kinks. Currently you can register to join a round robin, and I'll (hopefully) be posting the first chapter of it in a few days. If there is enough interest, I am thinking of starting a second round robin immediately with a different theme.

There is also an open Free-For-All thread, where everyone can participate in writing something crazy. You don't have to sign up for anything, just start posting!

Please watch this community for updates! I hope everyone has fun!

Current Story Sign Ups are now open. If you'd like to write, please sign up here!

Comments and Concerns: please post them over in this thread.

I'm looking for more information to plan for future. To help me out, please fill out this poll. Or you can make Suggestions here.

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