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Welcome to the Lolita Round Robin Project!

A round robin is where a group of authors pass around a story, each adding a chapter to complete the whole. Lolita is a fashion for girls who wish to look like Victorian dolls or fairytale princesses. When these powers combine, you have roriroundrobin!

Here's how it works: an author signs up to write a chapter and is assigned a number in the queue. Every week each author will add their bit to the story, molding it to their whims. Some stories will have different themes and guidelines, but for each story the end will be a surprise to everyone!

This community is brand new, so please give me time to work out all the kinks. Currently you can register to join a round robin, and I'll (hopefully) be posting the first chapter of it in a few days. If there is enough interest, I am thinking of starting a second round robin immediately with a different theme.

There is also an open Free-For-All thread, where everyone can participate in writing something crazy. You don't have to sign up for anything, just start posting!

Please watch this community for updates! I hope everyone has fun!

Current Story Sign Ups are now open. If you'd like to write, please sign up here!

Comments and Concerns: please post them over in this thread.

I'm looking for more information to plan for future. To help me out, please fill out this poll. Or you can make Suggestions here.

(un)Frequently Asked Questions

Why so strict about deadlines? Your ruining my creativity/fun/mojo!
I want all the writers to have fun, but I also want the readers to enjoy themselves. Having participated in round robins before, I've found that if you leave it open, the story will die from dis-use. Or in some cases, a person will get "skipped" without warning, and then come back (as they say) butthurt.
I understand that everyone has a life, so if you can't do your chapter in time, please let me know and we can work something out.

Can I illustrate my chapter? Or another person's chapter?
Yes and yes. This would be awesome. Just send me the links, I'll upload them to the LJ and stick them in the appropriate place.

What's a Free-For-All?
A free-for-all is a silly story that anyone can participate in without signing up. These will be released at random times when people are bored. Basically, an inspirational drabble will be posted and the story will be continued by random authors within the comments. Rediculousness shall occurr, and fun shall be had.

Future Plans
Submitting First Chapters and Drabbles
Eventually there will be a submission process for first chapters of new stories. Hey, I don't want to write the first chapter of everything, do I? If you've got an idea that's going nowhere, or part of a story you've never finished, you can submit it, I'll read it over, and then you can watch as other authors ruin it make it grow. There will be a similar process for new Free For All drabbles.